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The Filipina radio host creating a lifeline for domestic workers in need || BBC Outlook 

Thousands of Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait spend years living far from home, sometimes isolated from friends or mistreated by employers. Journalist Michelle Santiago's feel-good radio show has become an accidental rescue portal for women who sometimes have nowhere else to turn. May 2018.[Report begins minute 37:30]


On the other side || DW WorldLink

Before Trump's zero tolerance policy shot border issues into international headlines, the construction of a new, steel barrier in New Mexico already had locals and activists worried. Dispatch and photo report for from the Santa Teresa Port of Entry in New Mexico. June 2018. [Report begins minute 25:20]

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The Last Curandera: A generation of immigrants says goodbye to an old tradition || NPR

Skagit Valley is home to thousands of Mexican immigrants, many making livings as farmhands. They've brought with them some of their traditions from their homeland. But as the years pass and younger generations move in, some of those are dying off. One Mexican family in Burlington is trying to keep an old ritual alive. March 2014.